EducationHQ – Technology ‘doesn’t make school pupils smarter’

I wonder if they were expecting technology to be a ‘magic pill’.

Source: EducationHQ – Technology ‘doesn’t make school pupils smarter’

A similar article, reviewing the outcomes of the report, showed that Australia ranks rather high in terms of Internet usage at school (yes I am aware they have published the ‘Top 5 countries’ but have only shown 4…)


The table indicates 58 minutes as being Australian students’ average daily usage at school. Whilst on the other end of the usage scale we see an all too familiar listing of countries.

chart (1)

The full OECD report is available here.

Andreas Schleicher says “In the end, technology can amplify great teaching, but great technology cannot replace poor teaching”. I’m thinking that a little bit of Appreciative Inquiry into the effective integration of learning technologies could go a long way in supporting educators to amplify great teaching.

Do you have an example of how you have used technology to improve student engagement and learning outcomes?

Surely the Internet isn’t all bad… Please share your technology enriched pedagogies in the comment section below.

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